Pengaruh Pemberdayaan Usaha Kecil Terhadap Peningkatan Pendapatan Usaha di Kecamatan Singkil Kota Manado

Feiby Pisga Jacobs, Jhonny Hanny Posumah, Salmin Dengo


Small business sector has been recognized as having a vital role in proving the nations
economy. Because it is expected the government can give special attention to small businesses. This
needs to be done by the government because most businesses in Indonesia belloging to small
businesses. The phenomenon of the low quality of human resources for small businesses almost
uniformly in all regions of Indonesia. This applies also for those belonging to small businesses in the
district. Because it attemps to foster the entrepereneurial spirit for small businesses is something that
should be done to increase growth have to a little better so as to change the status of its business at the
same effect on the increase in their income.This study aimed to analyzed the relationship between the
empowerment of small businesses to increase revenues in the District of Singkil in Manado City by
using purposive sampling and analysis of how to carry out the data collection is
questioner.Intepolation methods in order to predict the value of the variable income of small
businesses (Y) (Sudjana, 1983). By using statistical tools for data processing assisted by computers
throught the program SPSS version 20 for Windows.Factors strengthening human resources throught
the provision of the venture capital loans partially contribute positively and significantly to the income
of the small businesses.

Keyword: Empowering Small Businesses, Increase Revanues

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