Sebaran dan Persentase Serangan Hama Paralecta sp. Pada Tanaman Cengkeh di Kabupaten Kepulauan Sangihe

Yunita Tahulending, Jackson F. Watung, Bernadeth V. Montong, Sandra E. Pakasi



Clove (Syzygium aromaticum L) is a trade plant that has a high economic value in Indonesia.
This study aims to determine the distribution and percentage of pest attacks Paralecta sp. in
the Sangihe Islands Regency. This study uses a survey method or direct research at the
research location. The study was conducted at several clove plantation locations in the
Sangihe Islands. Observation of the distribution of branch borer pests and clove branches was
carried out in clove plantations, then marked using GPS and recorded coordinate points then
copied to map images using the arcMap 10.5 mapping program. Observation The percentage
of attacks carried out on plantations used as sample locations and determined 25 sample trees
to be used to calculate the percentage of attacks. Results of the study There were 18 locations
found pests attack Paralecta sp. namely in the Central Sangihe and to the southern part with
the percentage of attacks that reached 100%, namely in the Village of Malamenggu 448
meters above sea level, 435 meters above sea level and 8 points of location that were not
found is a pest attack Paralecta sp. that is, in the middle of Sangihe to the northern part of
Sangihe with 0% attack percentage.
Keywords: Clove, Distribution, Paralecta sp. Percentage of attack

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