Analisis Sifat Fisik dan Kimia Tanah pada Lahan Sawah di Kecamatan Kotamobagu Utara

Josua F. Manullang, Sandra E. Pakasi, Joice M. Supit, Jelie V. Porong



The study aims to determine the status of physical and chemical properties of soil on paddy soil
in Kotamobagu Utara district. This research was conducted in November 2019 to January 2020
using a survey method and laboratorios analysis. Soil samples were taken at thirteen points at a
depth of 0 to 20 cm. The parameters measured were soila texture (Kang Biaw Tjwan method),
pH (pH meter), C-organic (Walkley and Black method), nitrogen (Kjedhal method), phosphorus
(Bray I method) and Potassium (Bray method I). Research data analysis using descriptive
analysis. The results showed that soil texture in the research sites is silty loam, the content of
organic matter is in the range 1,25 % to 2,50 %, the content of soil pH is in the range 6,8 to 7,0 ,
the content of the element nitrogen is in the range of 0.11% to 0.22% , phosphorus content in the
range of 18.34 ppm to 23,21 , and potassium element content is in the range of 22,21 ppm to
30,21 ppm. The chemical properties of paddy soils in Kotamobagu Utara District is at texture
class of silty loam and chemical properties of paddy soil with each respective criteria neutral soil
pH, C-organic low to moderate, Nitrogen low to moderate, Phosphorus moderate and Potassium
moderate. In general, the physical and chemical properties of soil in paddy fields in Kotamobagu
Utara District are included in the criteria suitable for paddy soil.
Key Word: Physical properties, chemical properties, Paddy Fields

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