Pemanfaatan Ekstrak Daun Pepaya (Carica papaya L.) terhadap Hama Spodoptera frugiperda J.E. Smith (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Christian F.A. Rumende, Christina L. Salaki, James B. Kaligis



One of the pests that are detrimental to maize farmers today is the armyworm (S.
frugiperda) which attacks maize crops. In general, farmers use chemical insecticides which
are effective but very dangerous to the health of the body and the environment. Carica papaya
is a plant whose leaves can be used as a botanical insecticide because the secondary
metabolite compounds in these plants can be used as insecticides. The purpose of this study
was to determine the effect of papaya leaf extract on the mortality of S. frugiperda larvae.
The method used is data analysis in the form of LC50. In this test using a solution
concentration of 100 grams/L, 300 grams/L, 500 grams/L, and 700 grams/L with four
repetitions. The results of the observation of mortality from 24 hours to 96 hours after
treatment with a solution concentration of 700 grams/L were the solutions that had the
greatest mortality, namely 100% and from the LC50 calculation, the value was 35.457%.
This is due to the content of papaya leaf extract which is gastric poison, respiratory poison
and contact poison that can kill S. frugiperda larvae. Papaya leaves can be an alternative to
insecticide for controlling the pest of S. frugiperda.
Keywords: Botanical Insecticide, LC50, Mortality.

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