Persepsi Petani Sayuran Dataran Tinggi terhadap Pupuk Organik di Kelurahan Rurukan Kecamatan Tomohon Timur

Jefianty O. Perangin-Angin, Oktavianus Porajouw, Johny A. Tuyuwale, Caroline B.D. Pakasi


Jefianty Oktaria Perangin - angin. Perceptions of the Highlands Vegetable Farmers
Organic Fertilizer in Rurukan Vilage Sub District East Tomohon. Under the guidance
Octavianus Porajouw as chairman, and Johnny A. Tuyuwale and Caroline B.D.
Pakasi as members.
The objective of the study is to determine perceptions of highland vegetable farmers
to organic fertilizer. This study uses primary data and secondary data. The primary data
obtained through interviews with farmers based on a list of questions (questionnaire), while
the secondary data obtained from the format of the report profiles the village, Village office
Rurukan. Data analysis method used in this research is descriptive, by calculating the
average score of each answer given by the respondent.
The results was this study indicate that the perception of farmers on organic
fertilizer in Sub Rurukan still not good. This is due to the high level of complexity to obtain
organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer is also less cumbersome than inorganic fertilizers, as
well as the selling prices of vegetables using organic fertilizer that was low also because
farmers in Rurukan was not obtained organic vegetables certified.
Based on these results, it can be concluded that highland vegetable farmers'
perceptions towards organic fertilizers are still lacking, so many farmers are using organic
fertilizers into reuse of inorganic fertilizers. Hence the need for further dissemination of the
local government, to provide counseling about the benefits and advantages of the use of
organic fertilizers. The government should also pay more attention to the needs of farmers
in the use of organic fertilizers, so that farmers can apply organic fertilizer at maximum

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