Penerapan Metode SAW (Simple Additive Weighting) pada Perankingan SMA-SMA di Kabupaten Minahasa Selatan

Handra R Sagrang, Marline S Paendong, Altien J Rindengan


Education is one of the most important factors for the life of every human
being to gain wider insights to support a better life. This study uses variables
regarding the national standard of high school education, namely Content
Standards, Educator and Education Staff Standards, Graduates Competency
Standards, and Educational Assessment Standards in South Minahasa District
which are applied using the SAW (Simple Additive Weighting) method by
building An Expert System Application. The results obtained are based on
calculations done by researchers and application calculations have the same
value that is 97,569 namely SMA 1 Amurang.

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