Diet as a Partial Explanation for Wisdom Teeth Problem

Pratiwi Soesilawati, Anita Yuliati, Fany Fandani, Noor Z. S. Prabowo, Tamariska Tamariska, Rizki F. Salma, Felia L. Dewi, Padma C. Pertiwi


Abstract:  Impacted wisdom teeth is a condition where the third molars experience malposition. Changes in dietary patterns are one of the reasons of impaction, as they result in less space for tooth growth. This study aimed to analyze the relationship between diet and wisdom teeth. This was a narrative review study using databases of Google Scholar, Science Direct, and Pubmed (MEDLINE) with a publication period between 2010-2019. The keywords used were amelogenesis imperfecta, enamel, and genes. The results showed that the definition of impaction was a condition that caused a tooth to fail to reach its functional position. Third molars, canines, and premolars were the most frequently impacted teeth. At present, evolution causes a reduction in the jaw dimensions due to dietary factors, namely the nature of the food or the level of utilization of chewing tools that affect the eruption of wisdom teeth. In conclusion, the modern diet results in the loss of growth stimulation in the jaw, which is a risk factor for non-eruption wisdom teeth that will cause impacted wisdom teeth.

Keywords: wisdom teeth; diet; impaction

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