BUDAYA MAPALUS DALAM MENINGKATKAN AKTIVITAS KELOMPOK TANI (Suatu Studi di Desa Talawaan Atas Kecamatan Wori Kabupaten Minahasa Utara)

Hendra Uada, N. Kandowangko, Shirley Y. V. I. Goni


Indonesian society is plural society in every aspect of life, such as culture diversity, nature and geography. The local Indonesian culture is very diverse which is considered as a pride also can be a challenge to maintain and preserve to the next generation.

In the village society which still have traditional life and culture, “gotong-royong” or mutual cooperation is one of the characteristic inherited from generation to the generation. This culture have different form and different implementation whether based on mutual relation or just to fulfill their duty as the part of the society.

“Mapalus” in Minahasa Utara especially in Desa Talawaan Atas is still preserved and inherited from generation to generation with the result that can help the farmers to increase their business in agriculture.


Keyword: Mapalus Culture, Farmers activity

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