Mahyudin Damis


This paper represents a cross-time depiction of the status of Gorontalo region, especially pre-independence, post-independence era (Old Order), New Order era until the Reformation Era. Regarding relations between the Central and Regional Governments, Gorontalo has its own record in the eyes of the central government, both with Jakarta and Manado. Although these relatively good relations in the field of governance became social, cultural and political capital for Gorontalo to build a new province, it was not strong enough to deliver its aspirations to get the widest regional autonomy, even though the area was more than half the area of the parent province and its abundant natural resources. In addition, Gorontalo did not have a TNI General (ABRI) during the New Order era who was implementing the "Dwi Abri Function". It cannot be denied that the birth of the Regional Autonomy Law in the Reformation era, namely Law No.22 of 1999 concerning Regional Government and Law No.25 of 1999 concerning Financial Balance between the Central and Regional Governments as an entry point and good momentum for the regions " Duo Limo Pohalaa "this forms Gorontalo Province.

Keywords; Gorontalo, Central Government, Cultural and Political Boundary Conciousness

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