GPS Using for Teacher’s Attendance in Student’s Fieldwork Practices at SMKN 7 Surabaya


  • Yonatan Widianto
  • Denny Suhanda
  • Shendy Susilo


One of the programs for SMK students is to apply the knowledge they have gained, so these students are required to do fieldwork practices, mentioned with PKL, in companies, or partner schools. A student supervising teacher must deliver, guide, and pick them up. The teacher is expected to be able to provide reports from these mentoring activities directly in the field. Often found, students have done administrative reporting, the teacher missed it. The Fieldwork Practices Assistant Teacher Attendance Application, mentioned with ABGUL, is an application that can be used for reporting on mentoring activities by teachers from beginning to end. This application can upload photos, automatic location recording, and report mentoring records. This application is designed by utilizing the global positioning system (GPS) to get the user's current location at the location. This application development uses a prototype approach. The result is that this application recapitulates reporting data as a form of monitoring reporting and student assistance. This includes recording the location during guidance in the field with an accuracy rate of approximately 90%.