Development of Student Information System Portal at Widya Kartika University Surabaya


  • Andrew Irawan
  • Robby Kurniawan Budhi


Widya Kartika University as an educational institution is always committed to providing the best service for its students. Various service systems were formed gradually to address the needs that were growing over time. This development process was not only carried out by the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) unit but also involves students in the process. Therefore, each sub-system could be developed using different development tools. Besides the Academic Information System, there were other sub-systems including Student Activity Recording System, One-Stop Information Service System, SKPI Data Collection System, Moodle-based E-learning System, and several other sub-systems. Lack of system integrity becomes an obstacle in synchronization between these sub-systems. The databases built for each of these sub-systems were also different. Therefore, a portal was created as an intermediary between systems with the Single Sign On (SSO) system by changing the user interface design from the student side. The portal system modeling was made using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) with the Code Igniter framework as the application creation tool. Based on the results of the application, it was found that the making of this portal was effective in overcoming the difficulties of students in using each of the sub-systems that had not previously been integrated. Access becomes faster and easier in the login process because it uses a single user.