SEIQR Model Analysis of COVID-19 Transmission Considering Vaccination Rate


  • Princess Angel Ulfrida Merung
  • Yohanes A. R. Langi
  • Rinancy Tumilaar


COVID-19 is a disease caused by the Coronavirus. The disease can be transmitted, either directly or indirectly. Implementing quarantine and vaccinations can prevent the transmission of the virus. Therefore, this study focused on the quarantine and vaccination rate using the SEIQR epidemic mathematical model, where Q represents quarantine. The simulation in this study uses parameter values derived from journals and previous studies. It was found that the rate of population movement under quarantine and the rate of vaccinations affected the disease. If the population under quarantine is low but the vaccination rate is high, the disease will become an epidemic and can be transmitted (R0>1). However, if the population undergoing quarantine is high and the vaccination rate is low, the disease will be controlled and will not become an epidemic (R0<1).