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Indonesia Accounting Journal

Indonesia Accounting Journal (IAJ) is double peer reviewed journal which published by Accounting Profession Program (or Program Studi Pendidikan Profesi Akuntansi-PPAk) of Economics and Business Faculty, Sam Ratulangi University. Indonesia Accounting Journal (IAJ) publishes articles which are not under consideration or published to other publishers for twice a year.

Indonesia Accounting Journal (IAJ) publishes articles written in Indonesian or English languages. Indonesia Accounting Journal (IAJ) welcome for academicians and practitioners to submit the articles only in field of accounting and finance studies. Indonesia Accounting Journal (IAJ) accepts the articles in quantitative approach or qualitative approach. Before submission, author pleased to read carefully the requirements of this journal in section About.


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Indonesian Journal of Public Health and Community Medicine

Indonesian Journal of Public and Community Medicine (IJPHCM) publised by Postgraduate Program Master of Public Health Sam Ratulangi University. IJPHCM publishes the article based on research or equivalent to research results in public health or other disciplines related to public health that has not been loaded/published by other media. The journal contains articles about environmental health, occupational health and safety, epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy and administration, public health nutrition, health promotion, reproductive health, maternal and child health, community medicine, health economic, hospital administration and other related articles in public health. The journal can be used by health practitioners, health caregivers, teachers, medical students, and people who are interested in public health issues. The journal was first published in April 2020 and subsequently published forth a year, in January, April, July and Oktober. IJPHCM has been indexied by Google Scholar

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