Marcelino Sondakh, J. V. Mangindaan, Dantje Keles


The purpose of this study is to find out how much Economic Value Added
generated by PT. Bank SULUTGO in 2014-2016. It is known that PT. Bank SULUTGO
is a regional bank of North Sulawesi and Gorontalo which owns shares from various
regions and several companies. It is known that the capital annually PT. Bank
SULUTGO in 2014-2016 always increases. But with the increase in capital whether it
has made the company able to improve the performance of the company or increase the
revenue of the company so as to be able to distribute the fair share of the results to the
shareholders of the company. The purpose of this study is "Financial Performance
Analysis Based on Economic Value Added at PT. Bank SULUTGO". Financial
performance is needed by the company to evaluate the performance or as a foundation
of the company to improve the company's performance. Financial performance
according to Ikatan Akuntansi Indonesia (2007) is the determination of the company's
ability to manage and control its own resources. While EVA is an effective
communication tool for value creation that can be reached by line managers that
ultimately drive company performance and to connect with capital markets (Young and
O'Bryne, 2001). The research method used is quantitative descriptive method by using
analysis tools in the form of Economic Value added to calculate NOPAT, Invested
Capital, WACC, Capital Charges and EVA. Based on the results of research EVA
analysis at PT. Bank SULUTGO 2014-2016 year turned out to fluctuate because EVA
companies every year down and up. Nevertheless PT. Bank SULUTGO turned out to
have created a positive value in the company in 2014-2016. In 2014 the company is able
to create EVA of Rp. 97,596 (in millions of rupiah), but in 2015 the company's EVA
decreased by 26.08% to Rp. 72,140 (in millions of rupiah) and in 2016 again increased
by 34.01% to Rp. 96,680 (in millions of rupiah). Thus the management has been able to
create a positive value on the company well and shareholders can entrust their
investment to the company.
Keywords: Economic Value Added (EVA), Financial Performance

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