Implementasi Kebijakan Penempatan Pegawai Pada Kantor Bupati Bolaang Mongondow Utara

Julianti Korompot, John Hein Goni


Abstract: The purpose of this study to uncover impelentasi staffing policy on North Bolaang Mongondow district office. The research methodology used is qualitative methods. Informants in this study were taken by 20 informants. Data were analyzed descriptively through the stages of research in the field edit data, perform data reduction, categorize units, interpretation of the data and test the validity of the data. From this study it can be concluded that the staffing policy implementation Regent Office North Bolaang Mongondow optimal enough. It is suggested in the staffing, Personnel Board area should always put the employee in accordance with education, because if an employee is not placed in accordance with the education, the employee will be difficult to achieve maximum employment. In the staffing, should be held before a test to see how much knowledge an employee of the office that will be occupied. Regional Employment Board as the party who has the authority to regulate the placement of employees required to be keen to see the skill level of employees in the work, so that later if the employee is placed in a position, an employee may be skilled in completing the work.

Keywords : Employee Placement Policy, implementation

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