Peranan Jaringan Sosial dalam Klaster Industri

Antonius Purwanto


Abstract: This work is to show how the role of social network in industrial cluster of ceramic craft art in Kasongan, Yogyakarta. This work based on research that making use of qualitative method. The research interviewed informans such as entrepreneurs, craftman, artists, and governmental officials. The result shows that there are many social networks in which entrepreneurs and craftman become its members. Bases of the social networks are various group activities related to residential territory and rite of passage of personal life of family members. The social network in cluster are able facilitate information spreading amongst entrepreneur and craftman in such a way so that the cooperation are easy to built. The social network also facilitates economic transaction between producers and buyers and cooperative formation. Vertical disaggregation and subcontract relation is to adapt to free market are supported by social network. Institutional context that influence vertical disaggregation, subcontract relation, and cooperative formation is development policy of government and regulations of export. Keywords: Social network, institutional context, transaction, industrial cluster

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