Analisis Perilaku Pengemudi Angkutan Penumpang Di Kota Manado

Krispen Meiddy Thomas, John Hein Goni


Abstract. This study aims to examine the behavior of drivers of public transportation-related factors of awareness, motivation, work environment, morale, and revenue driver. This study used a qualitative approach in which the data obtained through in-depth interviews to the 13 informants. The results showed compliance with regulations and traffic signs is a must. Motivation to work as a driver, passenger transport to meet the needs of city life and the welfare of his family. Fulfillment welfare of his family is very closely linked to the work environment. The working environment is often nice to have a lot of passengers, but it is not fun when the riders who ride vehicle.  Morale is very dependent on the driver's working conditions so that the driver fell morale up. Revenue is generally the driver on the current traffic situation is not so encouraging because it caused the flow of public transportation and private vehicles are solid. Thus, the behavior of the driver determine the effectiveness and success of the smooth flow of transportation policy in the city of Manado. Therefore, need guidance through counseling conducted by police agencies and to increase knowledge of transportation traffic from the driver in the city of Manado.Key words: Behavior, Awareness, Motivation

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