Efektifitas Musyawarah Perencanaan Pembangunan (Musrenbang) Tingkat Kelurahan di Kota Manado (Studi Kasus di Kelurahan Malalayang I Kecamatan Malalayang).

Ronny R Almas, Willy F Pesoth


Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze the effectiveness and quality of implementation of district level planning meetings in the city of Manado, and to identify factors that support the effective implementation of development planning meetings in villages has a city of Manado to do a case study in the Malalayang I Village. District Malalayang.            The research method used in this study is a qualitative method. Primary data obtained through open-ended interviews and observations. Secondary data was taken from the documentation. Determination of the samples was done by using purposive sampling. The number of informants followed the principle of a snowball (snowball sampling) of 15 informants consisting of village officials in charge of organizing musrenbang Malalayang I village, as well as the community and other parties directly involved in the implementation process musrenbang. Data were analyzed descriptively using the interactive model is then presented in a narrative.             The results showed that the Regional Planning Council at the village level conducted as required in the legislation that applies specifically to meet the stage of national development planning system in accordance with Undang-undang Nomor 25 tahun 2004 about SPPN. In this case, the stages of strategic planning as well as the substance meets the specified requirements. But in the process of implementation, musrenbang still has some weaknesses in carrying out its function as an agency planner.             Implementation process in the Malalayang I Village musrenbang have not been effective, while the quality of musrenbang still needs to be improved. It is suggested that the effectiveness and quality of implementation in the Malalayang I Village Musrenbang one needs to be improved continuously in accordance with the expected needs of Manado City Government and the community by increasing skills Musrenbang Implementation Team, in the form of increased experience, creativity, and work capability. This needs to be done so that more optimal Musrenbang Organizing Team carry out regional development planning to achieve the target set. Keywords: Effectiveness, quality

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