Pengaruh Otonomi Daerah Terhadap Percepatan Pembangunan Infrastruktur di Kabupaten Bolaang Mongondow Utara

Muhammad Tang Cora, Donald A Rumokoy


Abstract: North Bolaang Mongondow Regency formed as a result of the nuances of reform and regional autonomy. North Bolaang Mongondow with its existence as an expansion are after the implementation of regional autonomy, the maters that were examined in this study was: how much influence among the variables of human resources, financial resources/funding, policy development to variable acceleration of infrastructure development in North Bolaang Mongondow. The research method used was research using both primary and secondary data, by dividing the questionnaire and secondary data collection agencies. Inference and descriptive statistics used in this research is simple regression and multiple regressions. Respondents totaled 75 people, drawn by simple random sampling. The results of this study show that there are significant human resource affect toward infrastructure acceleration; the higher the human resource, then, the better the acceleration of the development. there are significant financial resources impact on infrastructure acceleration; the higher the financial resources, then, the faster the infrastructure acceleration is. There are significant effects of the development policy toward the infrastructure acceleration; the higher the development policy, then, the better the infrastructure acceleration.  It is advised that human resource should be improved and developed through civil service recruitment with accurate competition and qualification, technical tutor related to infrastructure acceleration, and incentive to existing employees. Besides, there should be researches done in relation to financial resources aspects in North Bolaang Mongondow Region in order to infrastructure development acceleration. There also should be further researches especially about divisions of development policies between the development done by both legislative and executive government. Key Words: Human Resources, financial resources, policy development, acceleration of infrastructure development

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