Implementasi Analisis Swot Dalam Strategi Pemasaran Produk Mandiri Tabungan Bisnis


  • Angelica Tamara mm unsrat


The findings this article is marketing strategy especially marketing of the savings that implemented by PT. Bank Mandiri including a several strategy which is take a ball strategy,
develop a networking, excellent service and satisfy facility that increasing the customer trusting and satisfaction so that customers did not run from the bank. The result of SWOT
analysis found PT Bank Mandiri have a courages to compete in competitive market. SO (strenght opportunities) including market share, strenghten the cooperation with cooperative , increaseing the relation between muslim scholar, government and entrepreneur. WO (weakness opportunity) is do the take a ball strategy, increasing a loyal customer, and increasing a product quality. ST (streght treaths) take a cooperation with another banks to set a marketing target and increasing a service quality. WT (weakness treaths) is increasing the promotion with a several media and set an effectiveness and efficiency marketing strategy.
Keywords: SWOT, Marketing Strategy, Mandiri Business Savings