The use of fish silage in different composition for the growth of carp Cyprinus carpio L.

Julio David, Sartje Lantu, Henneke Pangkey, Lawrence J.L. Lumingas, Jeffrie F. Mokolensang, Juliaan Ch. Watung


This study aims to examine the fish silage for total gain weight, growth rate, and the specific growth rate of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.), which is cultivated in 12 nets (1x0,5x1m), with the density of 10 fish (3-5 cm) on each net. The experimental design used was a completely randomized design (CRD) with 4 treatments and 3 replications; treatment A with 10% fish silage, treatment B with fish silage 20%, treatment C with 30% fish silage and treatment D were commercial pellet. The ANOVA test showed that the treatment effect among feed A, B, C, and D tested did not give a significant difference to total gain weight, growth rate and the specific growth of carp fry.

Keyword: common carp, fish silage, fish feed, growth



Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menelaah pemberian silase ikan bagi pertumbuhan mutlak, pertumbuhan nisbi, dan pertumbuhan harian ikan mas (Cyprinus carpio L.), yang dipelihara dalam petak-petak jaring berukuran 1x 0,5 x 1 m, dengan padat penebaran 10 ekor ikan berukuran  3-5 cm. Rancangan percobaan yang digunakan adalah rancangan acak lengkap (RAL) dengan 4 perlakuan dan 3 ulangan; perlakuan A pelet berkomposisi silase ikan 10%, perlakuan B pelet berkomposisi silase ikan 20 %, perlakuan C pelet berkomposisi silase ikan 30 % dan perlakuan D adalah pelet komersil. Uji ANOVA menunjukkan bahwa pengaruh perlakuan di antara pakan A, B, C, dan D yang diujicobakan tidak memberikan perbedaan yang nyata terhadap pertumbuhan mutlak, pertumbuhan nisbi dan pertumbuhan harian benih ikan mas.

Kata kunci : ikan mas, silase ikan, pakan ikan, pertumbuhan

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