Pengaruh Promosi Melalui Instagram terhadap Keputusan Pembelian Vape di Area 51 Manado

Dewiki W. J. Lupano, Tinneke M. Tumbel, Olivia F. C. Walangitan


This study aims to determine the effect of promotion through social media on vape purchase decisions in Area 51 Manado. This research methodology uses a quantitative research approach. The sampling technique used is non-probability sampling with a population of 82 respondents. The result of R between the two variables is 0.714, meaning the relationship between Promotion and Purchasing decision is moderate. Then the value of R square (determinant coefficient) of 51.0. This shows that the vape purchase decision in Area 51 Manado, 51.0% is influenced by the Promotion, while the other 49% is determined by other factors not examined in this study. Then the influence is interpreted that Promotion is one factor that is sufficient to influence vape purchase decisions. In this case, the promotion through social media Instagram is quite positive so that many people prefer to make purchases online compared to having to travel to visit the store to make a purchase. Vape Store Area 51 is very helpful for consumers who want to buy the products they market by utilizing social media technology as a means of promoting products because we can make purchases or orders from their own homes without having to visit the store. The things that must be improved in terms of service in order to be better at serving consumers and also continue to innovate to see new opportunities in expanding marketing in various social networks.

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