Budaya Organisasi terhadap Kinerja Pegawai pada Kanwil Perbendaharaan DJPb Sulawesi Utara Kota Manado

Ayuningsi Bahagia, Frendy A. O. Pelleng, Dantje Keles


This researce was conductud in the nort sulawesi Djpb regional office in manado and has the to find out how organizational culture is applied and how organizational culture influences employye performance.data is collected through interview,questionaries to 56  respondents ,then analyzed using simple linear regression analysis  with spss tools and researceh result show that there is a significan influence of organizational culture on employye performance .based on this research it is expected that the djpb organizational as a goverment agency should seek better relations between supperios and subordinates ,and also give rewards to employyes who excel so that employees can provide the best performance for the agency and also employees feel comfortable in working so that the organizational achieves the goals that have been set.

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