Journal History

Sam Ratulangi Journal of Public Health (SRJPH), Volume 1 began in March 2020. The making of SRJPH was initiated from the leaders of Program Studi Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat Program Pascasarjana Universitas Sam Ratulangi to encourage research activities and scientific publications of the PS IKM PPs Unsrat academic community esspecially in public health science. In addition, Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat: (The Public Health Science Journal) has become a forum for scientific publications for STIKIM's external parties such as lecturers, students and outside researchers regarding research in the health sector. Sam Ratulangi Journal of Public Health (SRJPH) then develops by having a ISSN Online was then submitted and received an online IISN number 2747-2914. While the Open Journal System (OJS) at Unsrat began installation in mid 2019. Editorial Sam Ratulangi Journal of Public Health (SRJPH) began implementing the OJS since the beginning of this journal in 2020.