Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi pendapatan usaha ternak sapi di desa Kanonang Raya kabupaten Minahasa

G Warangkiran, M A.V Manese, N M Santa, B Rorimpandey


FACTORS INFLUENCE INCOME OF CATTLE FARMING  IN KANONANG RAYA VILLAGE MINAHASA REGENCY. The aim of this research was to analyzed the effect of the number of cattle, feed costs and labor costs on the income of cattle farming in Kanonang Raya Village. The research method used was a survey method using a sampling method approach based on two stages, namely the first determination of the village by purposive sampling and the determination of respondents as a sample by random sampling of 339 farmers using slovin method, so that the number of respondents was 77 farmers in Kanonang Raya Village. The results showed that the factors that influence the income of the cattle business are the number of cattle, feed costs, and labor costs. Cattle farming were able to provide income of IDR 11,387,977 per year with an average of 3 cows per farmer.



cattle farming, feed cost, income, labor cost,

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.35792/zot.41.1.2021.31595


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