Subtitusi sebagian jagung dengan kulit kopi olahan sederhana terhadap retensi nitrogen, energi metabolis dan kecernaan bahan kering ransum ayam pedaging

Fajrin Mohamad, Y.L.R. Tulung, Z. Poli, P.R.R.I. Montong


SUBTITUTION OF PARTICULAR CORN WITH SIMPLE PROCESSED COFFEE LEATHER AGAINST NITROGEN RETENTION, METABOLIC ENERGY, AND DRY INGREDIENTS OF RICE CHICKEN. This research was conducted to study simply processed coffee husks as a substitute for corn with different levels of dry matter digestibility, nitrogen retention, and nitrogen-corrected pseudo-metabolic energy. The study was conducted using 24 unsexed broilers, the finisher phase of the CP707 strain. The design used was a completely randomized design with a 3x4 factorial pattern with 2 replications. Factor A is the processing of coffee husks where A1 is the dried coffee skin, A2 is soaked coffee skin and A3 boiled coffee skin, while factor B is the substitution level B1 = 0%, B2 = 25%, B3 = 50% and B4 = 75 %. The follow-up test used was Honest Real Difference. Based on the results of the analysis of diversity showed that the interaction of coffee skin (A) drying, soaking, boiling and the substitution level (B) showed significantly different results (P <0.05) on the nitrogen retention value and was not significantly different (P> 0, 05) to the dry matter digestibility value. In the metabolic energy variable, different results were shown by the level of substitution (B) where the results of the analysis of diversity showed a very significant difference (P <0.01). The percentage of digestibility values in this study were nitrogen retention values 28.55% - 60.88%, metabolic energy 1351.65 Kcal / kg - 2561.23 Kcal / kg, and dry matter digestibility 45.84% - 63.69%. Based on this research, it can be concluded that the use of coffee skin soaked 25% gives the best effect on nitrogen retention. The use of dry coffee skin 50% gave the best effect on the digestibility of dry matter and the use of 25% coffee skin gave the best effect on the value of metabolic energy.


Keywords : Broiler chicken, digestibility value, coffee skin

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