Kecernaan ransum broiler yang mengandung kombinasi kunyit, bawang putih dengan mineral zink

M.N. Regar, Y.H.S. Kowel


DIGESTIBILITY OF BROILER RATIONS CONTAINING THE COMBINATION TURMERIC, GARLIC WITH THE ZINC MINERALS. This study aims to determine the digestibility value of protein and energy rations containing a combination of turmeric, garlic and zinc minerals. A total of 20 broilers aged 5 weeks were used in this study. The experiment used a completely randomized design (CRD) with 4 treatments and 5 replications. The treatment ration formula consisted of: R1 = basal ration, R2 = basal ration + turmeric powder 1.5% + ZnO 180 ppm, R3 = basal ration + 2.5% garlic powder + ZnO 180 ppm, R4 = basal ration + antibiotics. Digestibility measurement was done by total collection method with adjustment period for 5 days and data collection for 3 days. The variables observed were protein consumption, protein digestibility and ration energy. The results showed that the combination treatment of turmeric with zinc minerals, the combination of garlic and zinc mineral, and the combination of basal ration with antibiotics significantly affected protein digestibility but did not affect protein consumption and energy digestibility. It can be concluded that the combination of turmeric, garlic with the mineral zinc results in good protein digestibility and energy.

Keywords: broiler chicken, turmeric, garlic, zinc minerals, digestibility

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