• Debby Ingan Malem Tarigan


On The Living Style of Peoples in Bahu County District of Malalayang Manado City. The consumption, is Sociology, is not observed as only fulfillment of needs of man, physically and biologically, but it is related to the aspect social and cultural aspects. The consumption is related in the problem of appetite, identity or living style. In economic science appetite is simply stable, focused on utility value, formed individually, and to be looked at as a exogenous thing. Whereas, in sociology, appetite is a thing can be alterable, focused on symbolic quality of the materials and it depends on the perception of appetite of people.

Manado city has a social settlement relatively condusive and known as a relatively safe city in Indonesia. It is described from the motto of Minahasan peoples, that is : Torang Samua Basudara (We all are in brotherhood or we all are brother sisters). The Life in Manado city is in general, some with the other city of Indonesia. The Center of Manado city is located from Piere Tendean street (Boulevard) to the 45 market and the strategic locations as many shopping centers are found and also known restaurants. Manado city has many malls and, there are also shopping centers for electronics and furnitures are found along the beach that have a beautiful seaside scene, especially, when the sunset.

The Life of people of Manado city, in general, has altered in the life style of glamour, royal and hedonistic are. It is resulted from the inflluence of western culture which has given negative effect to the norms and habit. Man has sensual weakness that is bodify effect called incompleteness. This is the reason for man easy to fall into the trial, exam test, obstacle. Pursue and worldly temptation. The worldly temptation, I mean is called the type of modern life that can be seem in attitude behavior, action, doings called as suitable with claims of time based on the ability of ratio or human throught.

The type of life are the modes of behavior that differ the one man and the other. The modes of social life in specific often to be simplificated by the norm culture. Whereas, the type of life depends on cultural forms, norms, the manner to use the materials, location and time that the decived from group character.

The type of life, according to Koetler (2002) is a mode life of someone in the world that expressed in the form of his activity interest opinion. “The type of life describes the whole of man himself†In his interaction with the suroundness. The type of life also refers to how someone lives, how the spends his money. And how to allocate the time and hours in his life, and it can be seem from his activities whole day and what interest to be his need in his life. The type of life describes all of someone modes in is action and how the interacts in the world.
Keywords : The Turing Style Of People, Manado Communities.




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