JMBI UNSRAT (Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen Bisnis dan Inovasi Universitas Sam Ratulangi). <div> </div> <div><strong>Based on Decree No. 28 / E / KPT / 2019 concerning the Ranking of Scientific Journal Accreditation Period V in 2019 by the Director General of Research and Development of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. JMBI UNSRAT has been accredited by SINTA 5. This accreditation is valid for 5 years (2018 - 2022). And has been in Re-Accreditation and based on SK No. 36 / E / KPT / 2019 starting from Vol. 6 number 2 from 2019 onwards (2022) becomes SINTA 4.</strong></div> <div><strong> </strong></div> <div> </div> en-US (Joy Elly Tulung) (JMBI) Fri, 03 Feb 2023 10:31:37 +0800 OJS 60 PENGARUH PROFITABILITAS, LIKUIDITAS, DAN AKTIVITAS TERHADAP NILAI PERUSAHAAN MANUFAKTUR <p>ABSTRACT. <em>The purpose of this research is to find out the effect of profitability, liquidity, and activity on the value of manufacturing companies listed on the IDX. Researchers use a period of 3 years with a time span of 2018-2021. This study uses a quantitative approach. The sampling technique is purposive sampling, so that the sample used is 52 manufacturing companies listed on the IDX for the 2018-2021 period. The data analysis used is multiple regression assisted by the SPSS 25 application. This test shows that profitability has a significant positive effect on firm value, while liquidity and activity have no significant effect on firm value</em></p> aprilia dewi kumala, rohmad fuad armansyah Copyright (c) 2023 Wed, 25 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0800 PENGARUH HEDONIC MOTIVATION DAN UTILATARIAN MOTIVATION TERHADAP IMPULSIVE BUYING PADA PENGGUNA E-COMMERCE <p><strong><em>ABSTRACT</em></strong></p> <p><em>This research aims to analyze the significant effect from hedonic motivation against impulsive buying on e-commerce consumers. Hedonic motivation and utilitarian motivation can encourage impulsive buying behavior in transactions when people shopping in e-commerce. This might be seen from several types of goods purchased in e-commerce, for instance, daily needs (foods and beverages), fashion, cosmetics, also travel needs (ticket for transportation and hotels). This study uses purposive sampling and questionnaire methods. This research was conducted on 344 respondents who are active users of social media and e-commerce users, such as Shopee, Tokopedia and Lazada. </em><em>&nbsp;</em><em>Data analyzed with </em><em>Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) method and SMART-PLS application. </em><em>T</em><em>he results shows</em> <em>that external factor has a positive influence on hedonic motivation and utilitarian motivation, it can be seen that hedonic motivation has a positive effect on impulsive buying factors, and utilitarian motivation does not affect impulsive buying. In addition, interpersonal factors and external factors have a significant positive effect on impulsive buying with hedonic motivation mediation. Meanwhile, utilitarian motivation does not seem able to mediate interpersonal and external factors to have a significant influence on consumers' impulsive buying behavior.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords</em></strong><em>: e-commerce, hedonic motivation, utilitarian motivation, impulsive buying.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> As'ad Khair, Kurniawati, Renny Lia Yustika, Siti Rohmah Copyright (c) 2023 Wed, 25 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0800 THE INFLUENCE OF PRODUCT QUALITY, PRICE, AND PROMOTION ON PURCHASE DECISION BIRTHDAY CAKE SALTXSUCRE PONTIANAK <p><strong><em>Abstract</em></strong></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p><em>Saltxsucre is an online shop that sells birthday cakes. In Pontianak, there are quite a some of competitors who sell similar products online and offline. Product quality, price, and promotion are part of the strategy of business actors in increasing sales in order to survive. By implementing this strategy, it is hoped that it will have an impact on decision making to buy a Saltxsucre Pontianak birthday cake. This study aims to determine and analyze whether there is a significant effect between product quality, price, and promotion on the purchase decision of Saltxsucre Pontianak birthday cake. By using quantitative associative methods, this study used 40 Saltxsucre consumers who were determined to be a population by collecting data using a questionnaire using a google form. Sampling using simple random sampling method. The data obtained will be tested using the SPSS 25 program. The test is carried out using multiple linear regression analysis techniques. The test results show that the product quality and price variables have a significant effect on purchasing decisions. As for the Promotion variable, it has no significant effect on purchasing decisions.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords:</em></strong><em>Product Quality, Price, Promotion, and Purchase Decision.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sari Belvia, Wendy Suhendry, Emilia Farida Budi Handayani Copyright (c) 2023 Fri, 30 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0800 Analysis of Factors Influencing Intention To Use of Atome Application Among Students At Surabaya University <p><em>The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of </em><em>UTAUT 2 (performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, facilitating condition, hedonic motivation, price value and habit)</em><em> on </em><em>intention to use of Atome among students at Surabaya University</em><em>. This study used a quantitative approach and questionnaire data of 100 respondents. The method of analysis in this study uses SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) with </em><em>SmartPLS version 3</em><em>. The results of the research conducted show that </em><em>effort expectancy, facilitating condition, hedonic motivation and habit</em><em> have a positive and significant impact on </em><em>intention to use of Atome</em><em>, then </em><em>performance expectancy, social influence and price value</em> <em>have no</em><em> effect on </em><em>intention to use of Atome</em><em>. </em></p> Andrea Anne Suharsono, Sugeng Hariadi, Mintarti Ariani Copyright (c) 2023 Mon, 20 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0800 THE EFFECT OF WORK LIFE BALANCE ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE WITH JOB STRESS, JOB COMMITMENT AS INTERVENING VARIABLE <p><em>This study aims to analyze the effect of work life balance (WLB) which is thought to have an influence on employee performance (EP) with job stress (JS), job commitment (JC) as mediation. The data used in this study is primary data sourced from questionnaires distributed to respondents. The research sample is the Directorate General of Taxation employees who work in the KPP unit in the West Jakarta working area using the convenience sampling method so that 245 respondents are obtained as samples. Data analysis used to test the hypothesis used the PLS SEM (Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)) analysis method. The results showed that work life balance has a positive effect on employee performance, job stress and job commitment can mediate the effect of work-life balance on employee performance </em></p> Farida I, Andreas Wahyu Gunawan P Copyright (c) 2023 Fri, 10 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0800 PENGARUH WORKPLACE SPIRITUALITY TERHADAP EMPLOYEE CREATIVITY DI MEDIASI INTRINSIC MOTIVATION DAN PSYCHOLOGICAL EMPOWERMENT PADA INDUSTRI ASURANSI DI MASA PANDEMIC COVID 19 <p><em>The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of Workplace Sprirituality on Employee Creativity through Psychological Empowerment and Intrinsic Motivation in the South Jakarta Insurance Industry. The data collection technique uses a questionnaire directly where the data is spread using an online questionnaire using a google form. The results of the questionnaire obtained a total sample of 290 respondents of Human Resources employees who worked for 4 (Four) life insurance in the South Jakarta Region. The analysis method used in this study is SEM (Structural Equation Modelling) analysis using the help of AMOS (Analysis of Moment Structure) software. The results showed that there is a negative influence of workplace spirituality on employee creativity, there is a negative influence of intrinsic motivation on employee creativity, there is a positive influence of psychological empowerment on employee creativity.</em></p> Suciariani, Mutiara Sibarani Panggabean Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 20 Feb 2022 00:00:00 +0800 EVALUASI FAKTOR PENDORONG PELAKSANAAN KOORDINASI KOMUNITAS PARIWISATA DI INDONESIA <p>The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether the supporting factors influence the implementation of coordination in tourism communities or organizations in Indonesia. Data collection was carried out by survey through distribution of questionnaires to respondents who were samples from the entire population. The data were analyzed using the Structural Equation Modeling Partial Least Square (SEM-PLS) technique. The results of the data processing show that the supporting factors in the form of common goals and government attention has significant positive influence the implementation of coordination in the tourism community. The results of this study have implications that it is important for every individual in an organization or community to focus on goals and it is important for stakeholders, namely the government to pay more attention.</p> Sari Lestari Zainal Ridho, Dewi Fadila, Fernando Africano, Hendra Sastrawinata, Muhammad Riska Maulana, Munparidi, Elvia Zahara, Ibnu Maja, Ummasyroh Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 20 Feb 2022 00:00:00 +0800 PENGARUH PENERAPAN PROGRAM KESELAMATAN DAN KESEHATAN KERJA TERHADAP PRODUKTIVITAS KERJA KARYAWAN PT. NUBUWA SALTIKA KOTA PALOPO <p><em>This study aims to determine the effect occupational safety and health on the work productivity of employees of PT. Nubuwa Saltika Palopo. This research method uses the observation method by providing a list of statements about work safety (X1), occupational health (X2), work productivity (Y). Based on the results obtained in this study, it can be concluded that there is a significant simultaneous effect on employee productivity with Sig. F is 0,958%. smaller than the specified significant value that is equal to 0,05. While partially the work safety variable does not have a significant effect on employee work productivity indicated by the results of the regression analysis can be obtained Sig 0,776 with alpha 0,05. Where as the occupational health variable partially has a significant effect on employee work productivity with Sig 0,960 with alpha 0,05.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords</em></strong><em> : Safety, Health and Work Productivity of Employees</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Anggun thia fianti, Haedar, Sari Ratna Dewi Copyright (c) 2023 Mon, 20 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0800 FAKTOR YANG BERPENGARUH TERHADAP PERILAKU KECURANGAN AKADEMIK DI MASA PANDEMI COVID-19 <p><strong><em>Abstract</em></strong>. <em>This study aims to examine the effect of learning motivation, pressure, student integrity, and misuse of information technology on academic cheating during the COVID-19 pandemic in accounting students class 2017 and 2018 Faculty of Economics and Business, Pattimura University, Ambon. This type of research is a quantitative research, using a questionnaire as a research instrument measured by a Likert scale. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling. The population used in this study were accounting students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Pattimura University class of 2017 and 2018, the number of samples in this study was 87 students. The data analysis technique used is multiple linear regression analysis using IBM SPSS software version 25. The results of this study state that the variables of student integrity and misuse of information technology have a positive and significant effect on academic cheating behavior. However, the variables of learning motivation and pressure partially have a negative and insignificant effect on academic cheating behavior in Accounting students, Faculty of Economics and Business, Pattimura University, Ambon.</em></p> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p><em> </em></p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p><strong>Abstrak. </strong> Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji pengaruh motivasi belajar, pressure, integritas mahasiswa, dan penyalahgunaan teknologi informasi terhadap kecurangan akademik di masa pandemi covid-19 pada mahasiswa akuntansi angkatan 2017 dan 2018 Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Pattimura Ambon. Jenis penelitian ini merupakan penelitian kuantitatif, dengan menggunakan kuesioner sebagai instrumen penelitian yang diukur dengan skala likert. Teknik pemilihan sampel menggunakan purposive sampling. Populasi yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah mahasiswa akuntansi Fakultas Ekonomi dan bisnis Universitas Pattimura angkatan 2017 dan 2018, jumlah sampel dalam penelitian ini adalah 87 mahasiswa. Teknik analisis data yang digunakan adalah analisis regresi linier berganda dengan menggunakan software IBM SPSS versi 25. Hasil penelitian ini menyatakan bahwa variabel integritas mahasiswa dan penyalahgunaan teknologi informaasi yang berpengaruh positif dan signifikan terhadap perilaku kecurangan akademik. Namun variabel motivasi belajar dan pressure secara parsial berpengaruh negatif dan tidak signifikan terhadap perilaku kecurangan akademik pada mahasiswa Akuntansi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Pattimura Ambon.</p> Christina Sososutiksno Copyright (c) 2023 Mon, 20 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0800 PERAN BELIS SEBAGAI ALAT KONTROL DALAM PERKAWINAN ADAT: STUDI KASUS DI KABUPATEN SIKKA <p><em>The high number of divorce cases reflects the failure to achieve the goal of marriage. Therefore, a control tool is needed so that the purpose of marriage can be achieved. The purpose of this study is to see how far the role of belis culture plays as a control tool in marriage to achieve the goal of a happy and lasting marriage. This research is a qualitative research using a case study approach in Sikka, Indonesia. Data collection method used is in-depth interviews. The results of the study show that belis customary marriage acts as a means of controlling the behavior of the bride and groom in achieving the goal of a happy and lasting marriage until death do them part. The goal of lasting marriage can be achieved by imposing belis so as to minimize the risk of divorce triggered by problems such as domestic violence and infidelity. Future research can use other cultures such as the culture of death or the culture of eating from various regions in Indonesia so that there is more literature on management control systems in terms of culture and can make observations so as to enrich research data.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords </em></strong><em>: Belis; Control; Culture; Management Control System; Marriage</em></p> Cecilia Djawa Copyright (c) 2023 Mon, 20 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0800