Edukasi Manfaat Minuman Probiotik Berbasis Bahan Lokal Untuk Peningkatan Kesehatan Masyarakat di Desa Palaes Minahasa Utara Sulawesi Utara


  • Agustina Monalisa Tangapo Universitas Sam ratulangi
  • Johanis Pelealu Universitas Sam ratulangi
  • Susan Marlein Mambu



minuman probiotik dan manfaat-manfaatnya. Tim PKM berhasil membantu mitra mengenal jenis probiotik dari bahan lokal yaitu berbasis air kelapa.

Kata kunci: kelompok wanita, Palaes, air kelapa, yogurt, probiotik



During this pandemic, people need a high immune system to prevent the spread of this virus. Many research results indicate that probiotic beverages have an important role in increasing the body's immune system. This information is useful for women, especially housewives, in maintaining and improving the health of their families, especially during times when society is fighting Covid-19. This Community Partnership Program (PKM) offers an alternative to increasing the knowledge of women's groups in Palaes Village, West Likupang District, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, about the benefits of probiotic drinks and how to make probiotic products, especially using local ingredients. The method of application is in three ways, namely counseling, training and evaluation. The results of this PKM activity indicate an increase in the knowledge and understanding of partners regarding various probiotic drink products and their benefits. The PKM team has succeeded in helping partners identify types of probiotics from local ingredients, namely coconut water based.

Keywords: women, Palaes, coconut water, yoghurt, probiotics