Jostefin Tigahari, Bertje Sumayku, Maria Polii



Cayenne pepper (Capsicum frutescens L.) is a fruit vegetable, which is needed by all levels of
society, because apart from being a spice for cooking and medicinal plants it is also a source of
livelihood. Environmental factors that have the potential to influence the development and yield of
chili plants include the high rainfall that is unpredictable throughout the year. The results of several
studies indicate that the active compost of Trichoderma sp. can help growth and good results for
plants. Trichoderma sp. is one of the biological control agents that have been widely used to control
plant pathogenic microbes. This research aims to study the growth and production of chili plants fed
with active compost Trichoderma sp. This research has been carried out at the Kalasey Center for
Food Crops and Horticulture in North Sulawesi for 3 months from March to June 2018. The tools to
be used are: hoes, shovels, ropes, sticks, scales, sacks, writing instruments and cameras. Materials
to be used are: Nirmala's cayenne pepper seeds, soil, water, polybags, active compost Trichoderma
sp. and label paper. The research design was arranged in a randomized block design (RBD) with 6
treatments repeated 3 times. Trichoderma sp. Active compost dosage treatment are: T0 = without
active compost treatment Trichoderma sp. T1 = active compost of Trichoderma sp. 50 g / 10 kg of
soil T2 = active compost of Trichoderma sp. 100 g / 10 kg soil T3 = active compost of Trichoderma
sp. 150 g / 10 kg soil T4 = active compost of Trichoderma sp. 200 g / 10 kg of soil T5 = active
compost Trichoderma sp. 250 g / 10 kg of soil. Each treatment used 6 polybags with each polybag
containing one plant. So the total number of polybags is 108 polybags. Data were analyzed using
Analysis of Variance (Anova) to see the effect of treatment. If the treatment shows a significant
effect, the analysis is continued using the 5% LSD test. Based on the results obtained in this
experiment, it can be concluded that the application of active compost Trichoderma sp 250 grams
has the best effect on plant height, number of leaves, flowering time, number of fruits, wet fruit
weight and production of cayenne pepper.

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