ANALISIS PENDAPATAN USAHATANI BUNGA POTONG (Studi Kasus Petani Bunga Krisan Putih di Kelurahan Kakaskasen Dua Kecamatan Tomohon Utara Kota Tomohon)

L. Pangemanan, G. Kapantow, M. Watung


The study entitled "Income Analysis of Cut Flowers Farming (case study of White Chrysanthemumflower farmers at village of Kakaskasen Two, disctrict of North Tomohon)" was conducted to determinehow much farmers’ income from White Chrysanthemum flower farming in village of Kakaskasen Two,disctrict of North Tomohon and is expected to provide information to farmers about the number of farmers'income from White Chrysanthemum flower farming .

The study lasted from October 2010 until December 2010 starting from data collecting up to preparationof the report. Areas of research conducted in the village of Kakaskasen Two, district of North Tomohon.The retrieved data are primary and secondary data. Primary data were obtained from 20 respondentsof White Chrysanthemum flower farmers, which is taken directly appoint (purposive sampling) and secondarydata obtained from the office of village of Kakaskasen Two. Income is calculated using the revenueanalysis. This analysis can also determine the level of farming efficiency which is calculated by dividingthe revenues and costs.

Advantage of White Chrysanthemum flower farming compared to other farming is the use of land thatis not too large, on a narrow land, White Chrysanthemums flower can be developed. Other advantagescompared to other cut flowers is that White Chrysanthemum flower resistant to dust volcanic Mount Lokon.

Chrysanthemum cultivation activities in the village of Kakaskasen Two is the main income source forfarmers to meet the needs of family farmers. This research shows that farmers’ income derived fromfarming of White Chrysanthemum flower is Rp11,132,146 by the efficiency is 4.43. In other words, farmingof White Chrysanthemum flower is profitable for farmers.

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