1. The editor only accepts original manuscripts that have never been published and will not be published either in full or in fragments in other publication media.

2. Manuscripts can be in the form of research results, literature/theoretical studies, methodological studies, original ideas that are critical, reviews of important problems/hot development issues, reviews of seminar results, or book reviews related to agricultural socio-economics.

3. Manuscripts should be submitted in full to the editor. A thorough check is highly recommended before the author submits the manuscript to the editor.

4. The language used is standard Indonesian or English. Manuscripts written in Indonesian should follow the Indonesian Spelling Guidelines.

5. The length of the manuscript should not exceed 12 pages (including tables, figures, calculations and literature), single-spaced typing, font size 12, and left and right margins of 2 cm, top 3 cm and bottom 2 cm. The manuscript is organized in the following order: Title (typed in capital letters in each first letter), Author's Name (without title), Abstract/Abstract (no more than 300 words accompanied by keywords), Introduction (includes the main problem/issue and research/writing objectives), Research Methodology (if research results), Results and/or Discussion, Conclusions and Suggestions/Policy Implications, Bibliography, and Appendices (if any).

6. Abstract/Abstract is written in two languages, namely Indonesian and English.

7. Manuscripts are typed with Microsoft Word word processing program and images are created with image processing program under window on a good floppy disk. The diskette is inserted along with the print-out on a white, quarto-sized, single-surface/page paper (not back-to-back).

8. The author should indicate on a separate page his/her identity: name and title, address, occupation and position, and position in a professional organization (if any).

9. Manuscripts are sent to the editorial address:

Agri-Socioeconomics Scientific Journal

Department of Agricultural Social Economics

Faculty of Agriculture, Sam Ratulangi University

UNSRAT Manado Campus - 95115

Or via e-mail:

10. Manuscripts are submitted through the Online Journal System (OJS) AGRI-SOSIOEKONOMI.