About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Kajian Linguistik merupakan sarana publikasi bagi akademisi, praktisi, dan peneliti untuk menerbitkan artikel hasil penelitian dan/ atau artikel telaah konseptual terkait isu-isu bahasa dan linguistik.

Ruang lingkup Kajian Linguistik meliputi bidang:

- Linguistik Teoretis;

- Linguistik Antropologi; 

- Linguistik Terapan

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


The publication ethics statement is the statement for all parties who involve in the process of publishing in Kajian Linguistik Journal, which are publisher, editors, board of reviewers, and authors. There are three main publication ethics in Kajian Linguistik Journal :

1.      Neutrality. Publishing in Kajian Linguistik Journal is free of conflict of interest.

2.      Fairness. The authorship of article published in Kajian Linguistik Journal is belongs to authors.

3.      Integrity/Honesty. The submitted article by authors must be original and free from plagiarism.


Ethical standards of publisher

1.      The publisher determines the name of journal, scope of science, period of publishing, and accreditation status (only if indexed).

2.      The publisher establishes the board of reviewers.

3.      The publisher defines the relationship of publisher, editors, reviewers, and other parties in contract.

4.      The publisher respects all confidential matters of authors, editors, and reviewers.

5.      The publisher respects the copyright of all articles.

6.      The publisher reviews the policy of publishing periodically and communicate it with authors, editors, reviewers, and readers.

7.      The publisher sets the code of conduct guidance for editors and reviewers.

8.      The publisher ensures the publishing regularly.

9.      The publisher assures funding availability for publication sustainability.

10.  The publisher establishes and maintains the publication network.

11.  The publisher establishes the permit and other legal aspects.


Ethical standards of editors

1.      The editors justify the needs of readers and authors.

2.      The editors maintain the continues improvement of publication quality.

3.      The editors apply procedures to assure the quality of published articles.

4.      The editors prioritize the independent of academic expressions in objectively.

5.      The editors maintain the integrity of academic records of authors.

6.      The editors deliver to authors about corrections, clarifications, rejections, and apologize if needed.

7.      The editors responsible for the format and style of articles, while the authors responsible on contents (including any statements) of articles.

8.      The editors actively ask for any comments from authors, readers, reviewers, and member of board editors to improve the publication quality.

9.      The editors encourage any assessments on Kajian Linguistik Journal for any inadequacies.

10.  The editors support any initiative to reduce errors in published studies by asking the authors to sign any ethical clearances which approved by Ethical Clearance Committee.

11.  The editors support any initiative to educate the authors about publication ethics.

12.  The editors routinely evaluate and review the effect of publication policy on responses of authors or reviewers and directly make any corrections needed to improve the editors responsibility and reduce any errors significantly.

13.  The editors accept any comments or opinions by other people with aboveboard.

14.  The editors take decisions independently and objectively.

15.  The editors encourage the authors to revise (if any) the articles based on reviewers comments in objective to proper publication.


Ethical standards of reviewers

1.      The reviewers independently and objectively review the article assigned by editors and deliver the results to editors as the consideration of proper publication.

2.      The reviewers should not review the articles which directly or indirectly involve his/her name.

3.      The reviewers should keep author privacy by not propagate any comments or any contents of articles when under evaluation process.

4.      The reviewers encourage the authors to revise the articles in objective to proper publication.

5.      The reviewers should assess any revision by authors with predetermined standards.

6.      The reviewers should review the article with the standard time according to journal guidelines based on scientific rules such as methodology, legality of authors, conclusion, etc.


Ethical standards of authors

1.      Author assures that co-author/s are competence for the field of study.

2.      Author has responsible for the contents of article.

3.      Author declares any resources (including funding) for publication.

4.      Author declares any limitations of the article.

5.      Author responds any comments by reviewers professionally and on time.

6.      Author informs to editors if any revoke the article.

7.      Author signs the statements that the article is original, not under consideration or published by other publishers in any languages.

Journal History

 Jurnal Ilmiah yang mengkaji aspek-aspek kebahasaan, khususnya linguistik secara umum. Jurnal ini dikelola oleh Pascasarjana Universitas Sam Ratulangi melalui Program Studi Magister Linguistik. Topik-topik dalam jurnal ini menyangkut bidang kajian linguistik, yakni linguistik mikro dan linguistik makro