PengembanganKawasanWisataAlamBukitKasihBerdasarkanPreferensi Pengunjung

Triska E. Rintjap, Martina A. Langi, Hengki D. Walangitan


The purpose of this study was to determine the development prospect of Bukit Kasih
Kanonang recreation area basd on visitors’ preferences. Methods use for this study included
direg observation and interviews to be filled into the questionnaires. Result showed that in
addition to compettion from other recreational sites, challenges arisen from Bukit Kasih
Kanonang mainly came from internal management such as infrastructure maintenance,
garbage management, souvenir selling, security, lack of playing grounds, landscape
architecture, local flora and fauna, and community empowerment to meet the tourism activity
of Bukit Kasih Kanonang.
Keywords: Bukit Kanonang Kasih, ecotourism, Visitor Preferences

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