Penanaman Sayuran Hidroponik Bagi Jemaat Wilayah Rohani Santa Maria Paroki Yesus Gembala Yang Baik Manado

Planting of Hydroponic Vegetables for the Spiritual Region of Santa Maria Parish of Jesus the Good Shepherd Manado


  • Daniel Mantilen Ludong Universitas Sam Ratulangi
  • Song Ai Nio


The demand for green vegetables in cities is increasing, but agricultural land is limited. To meet the aforementioned conditions, vegetables in urban areas must be purchased (taken) from markets whose products are not guaranteed to be clean, fresh, and pesticide-free. The congregation of Santa Maria parish of Jesus the Good Shepherd, which is part of the urban population (Manado City), wishes to be able to enjoy clean, healthful, and pesticide-free green veggies. It is also intended to be sold in order to help this spiritual territory thrive.  The goal of this program is to deliver solutions to the target community in the form of technological breakthroughs for the production of hydroponic vegetable planting systems. A Community Partnership Program will provide community service in the form of hydroponic vegetable planting system products, which will be disseminated in online media.

Biografi Penulis

Daniel Mantilen Ludong, Universitas Sam Ratulangi

Dosen, Program Studi Teknik Pertanian