Analisis Framing Pemberitaan Kontroversi Pengaturan Pengeras Suara Masjid Pada Media Online Detik.Com Dan Republika.Co.Id


  • Nancy Alicia Nelwan
  • Julius Lodewijk Kaunang Randang
  • Leviane Jackelin Hera Lotulung




This study aims to find out how the news framing, in the online media and, regarding the controversy over the arrangement of mosque loudspeakers. This study uses a descriptive qualitative approach to describe an object of research based on its characteristics. The theory of analysis used in this study is the model of Robert N. Entman. There are four tools of this framing analysis model, namely Define Problems, how events or issues are viewed as problems. Diagnoses Causes, what is the cause of the problem. Make Moral Judgment, what moral values ​​are given to solve the problem. Treatment Recommendation, what solutions are offered to solve the problem. The results of this study show, 1) In defining the problem, Detik sees this as a moral problem. While Republika sees it as a political problem. 2) Detik looks at the causes of the problem of the Controversy over the Arrangement of Mosque Loudspeakers, namely the party who built the narrative of the Minister of Religion comparing mosque loudspeakers and dogs barking. Republika sees the cause of the controversy as the Minister of Religion's statement which analogized the toa of a mosque to the barking of a dog. 3) The moral value that Detik offers is for the public to be more careful in understanding the statement of the Minister of Religion. Republika offers that analogizing the toa of a mosque with a dog barking can open up a variety of perceptions. 4) The solution offered by Detik is that the use of mosque loudspeakers is not prohibited. Republika offers a solution, namely that public officials must improve the narrative conveyed to the public.


Keywords: Framing Analysis, Reporting, Mosque Loudspeakers, Controversy.






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