Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process
The Editorial Team will select every manuscript submitted to the Journal JURNAL PESISIR DAN LAUT TROPIS through an Initial Review process. It will later be reviewed by at least two reviewers in the form of "double-blind reviewers." Reviewers' comments will be submitted to the author to revise, if necessary, the final manuscript. The decision to publish, postpone, or reject is based on the Editorial Team's decision after receiving reviewers' recommendations.

Time for processing the manuscript in the JURNAL PESISIR DAN LAUT TROPIS:
1. Authors have a three-day waiting period for the first article submission; The section editor will decide whether the article needs to be revised.
2. The section editor takes three days to check the article based on JURNAL PESISIR DAN LAUT TROPIS author guidelines.
3. The author has seven days to revise the article according to the JURNAL PESISIR DAN LAUT TROPIS author guidelines
4. Revised articles are given to the editor for review; the editorial team takes seven days to complete the review.
5. If an article is rejected, the section editor has three days to notify the author of the editorial team's decision.
6. If revisions to the article are required, the editorial team will forward the article to the reviewer
7. Reviewers have 30 days to review the article, divided into two reviews, and decide whether to accept or reject.
8. The final decision in the editorial team meeting is discussed by the editorial team whether the article recommended by the reviewer remains published or is rejected. The editorial team has ten days to make a final decision.
9. The section editor will prepare articles published in over seven days.
10. The author has three days to confirm the layout results.
11. Section editors publish accepted articles.