Leksikon Bahasa Daerah Tondano

Maya Pinkan Warouw


The study on lexicon in Tondano Language was conducted by the research team of Faculty of Humanities of Sam Ratulangi University as an action to realize the vision of the university to be cultured as well as to maintain local languages. Tondano Language is used in several areas in Minahasa of which the dialects diverse in different areas. The study aims to compile the lexicon in Tondano Language. The data collection has been carried out in Remboken based on Swadesh list. At this stage, thousands of words had been collected which were then compiled in the form of a book. The results of this study can be used as a basis in making Kamus Bahasa Tondano. The implication of the present study to teaching is that the results can be implemented in teaching lexicon in language classes and in the community, particularly in improving people’s curiosity, interest, and love to local languages.


Bahasa Tondano; Leksikon; Pemertahanan Bahasa

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