• Cindy A. Mulyono
  • Johny Senduk
  • Ridwan Paputungan


This study aims to: (1) To know the process of determining the headline on Radar Bolmong. (2) To determine whether there is dominance of media owners in determining the headline in the daily newspaper Radar Bolmong. To achieve these objectives, the method used is descriptive qualitative. Informants found as many as three (3) people as a resource and data analysis techniques used interactive analysis.

The results indicate that the study: (1) Headline Daily News Radar Bolmong determined by the Managing Editor of the forum was preceded by a meeting attended by the chief editor, deputy chief editor, emplementer editor, court reporter and member of the editorial kitchen. (2) Factors considered in determining the newspaper headlines Radar Bolmong is in actuality, informative, shocking, the reader's attention, and news that can meet the needs of the public for information. (3) The main obstacle in determining headline confronted Radar Bolmong is news that will be appointed as the headlines are sometimes hard to find by the court reporter.

The conclusion that can be drawn from this research is that the No side are dominant in determining the headline Radar Bolmong, because all inputs will be deliberated by a meeting to be prescribed by the editor pelaksana.Disarankan headline that the editor in chief, deputy chief editor, managing editor and parties other related should take a proper attitude in determining any newspaper headline Radar Bolmong forward to the obstacles that confronted can be minimized.

Keywords: Headline,Daily ,Radar Bolmong.


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Mulyono, C. A., Senduk, J., & Paputungan, R. (2016). STUDY ON DAILY NEWSPAPERS BOLAANG MONGONDOW “RADAR”. ACTA DIURNA KOMUNIKASI, 5(2). Retrieved from




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