• Christoffel M. O. Mintardjo Universitas Sam Ratulangi
  • Imelda W. Ogi Universitas Sam Ratulangi
  • George M. V. Kawung Universitas Sam Ratulangi
  • Michael Ch. Raintung Universitas Sam Ratulangi



Entrepreneurial activities have existed since the advent of human civilization, making this activity one of the oldest professions of humankind. Entrepreneurial thought as a scientific concept began in the middle of the 15th century two decades before the advent of economic theory from Adam Smith. The development of entrepreneurship theory continues to grow until the era of technology-based entrepreneurship in the third millennium. This paper aims to explore the historical chronology of the development of entrepreneurship theory in general.

Entrepreneurship theory, entrepreneurship history, though, research, activity

Author Biographies

Christoffel M. O. Mintardjo, Universitas Sam Ratulangi

Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Jurusan Manajemen

Imelda W. Ogi, Universitas Sam Ratulangi

Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Jurusan Manajemen

George M. V. Kawung, Universitas Sam Ratulangi

Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisis, Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan

Michael Ch. Raintung, Universitas Sam Ratulangi

Fakultas Ekonomi dan Biisnis, Jurusan Manajemen


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