Efrad J. Takarenguang, Jeanette E.M. Soputan, Vonny R.W. Rawung, Jerry A.D. Kalele


UTILIZATION OF BREEDING PIGS WASTE AS BIOGAS. This research has been conducted with the aim to examine the utilization of breeding pigs wastes as biogas. This research uses descriptive analysis which gas volume, temperature and acidity (pH) as the observed variables. Result of 31 days research shown that obtained total biogas volume was 151842 ml. Average temperature of outer digester was 31oC while the average temperature of inner digester was 29oC. The average of acidity (pH) in this research ranged between 6-7. Then the resulting gas passed through twice testing. The first testing shown that the resulting gas has not been able to produce fire yet because biogas is mixed with another types of gases such as CO2 and hydrogen sulfide. The second testing shown that the resulting gas can be lit with a constant and bright blue fire. Then biogas was applied to cook for 34 minutes. The results shown that to boiling 2 liters of water takes 16 minutes and spends 64037 ml of gas. Boiling 2 eggs takes 8 minutes and spends 25747 ml of gas while boiling 2 packages of instant noodles takes 10 minutes and spends 53474 ml of gas. As a conclusion of this research, waste of breeding pigs can produced biogas that can be use to cook and replace the conventional energy sources such as kerosene and firewood.

Keywords: breeding pigs, wastes and biogas

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