Monica Sengkey, Y.L.R. Tulung, R. Tuturoong, Y.H.S. Kowel


THE EFFECT OF REPLACEMENT OF CORN IN RATION WITH MOLASSES ON RABBIT PERFORMANCE. This study conducted to determine effect of molasses use replacing corn in ration on the performance of rabbits. The study used 25 weaned rabbits at age of 6 weeks old under individual cages. Each cage unit was occupied by 1 rabbit. The design used was a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) consisting of 5 treatments and 5 replications was applied in this study. Rates of giving molasses in feed were as follows: Ration containing corn without molasses (R0), Ration replacing corn of 25% with molasses (R1),  Ration replacing corn of 50% with molasses (R2), Ration replacing corn of 75% with molasses (R3), and Ration replacing corn of 100% with molasses (R4). The measured variables were including feed consumption, weight gain, feed conversion and energy consumption. The results showed that the averages of feed consumption were 78.07 to 95.20 g/head/day, weight gain were 9.7 to 12.02 g/head/day, feed conversion were 7.90 to 8.71 g/head/day and energy consumption were 2732.54 to 3076.10 Kcal/Kg. Based on the results analysis, the use of molasses substituting corn had a significantly different effect (P <0.01) on feed consumption, weight gain and energy consumption. Based on this research it can be concluded that molasses can replace corn up to the level of 75% or 35.25% in rabbit animal feed ingredients.

 Keywords: Molasses, corn, rabbit, feed intake, weight gain

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