Pengaruh substitusi gula pasir dengan ekstrak jagung manis (Zea mays l sacchara) terhadap sifat organoleptik es krim

C. Lamere, S.E. Siswosubroto, R. Hadju, M. Tamasoleng


THE EFFECT OF SUBSTITUTION OF SUGAR WITH SWEET CORN (Zea Mays L Sacchara) ON ORGANOLEPTIC PROPERTIES OF ICE CREAM.  This study aims to determine the level of preference of panelists on ice cream by substituting sugar with sweet corn extract. This study uses a complete randomized design (CRD) with 5 treatments as follows P0 = 200 g sugar, P1 = 50 g sweet corn + 150 g sugar, P2 = 100 g sweet corn + 100 g sugar, P3 = 150 g sweet corn + 50 g sugar, P4 = 200 g sweet corn with 40 replications.The observed variables are color, aroma, texture, taste. The data obtained were analyzed using ANOVA, for very significantly different variables followed by the BNJ test. The results showed that the substitution of sugar with different sweet corn extracts had a significant effect  (P <0.01) on the aroma, texture and taste, but not the color. Based on the results and discussion, the substitution of sugar with sweet corn extract (Zea mays saccharata),  P1 (150 grams of sugar and 50 grams of sweet corn extract) gives good results on the ice cream organoleptic properties ice cream of sweet corn extracted

Keywords: Ice cream, Sweet Corn, Sugar

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