Penggunaan tepung ubi jalar ungu (Ipomoea batatas L) sebagai filler terhadap sifat sensorik sosis daging ayam

I. Sasahan, F.S. Ratulangi, M. Sompie, J.E.G. Rompis


THE USE OF PURPLE SWEET POTATO MEAL (Ipomea batas L) AS A FILLER ON SENSORIC CHARACTERISTIC OF CHICKEN SAUSAGE. This study aims to know how the use of purple sweet potato meal (Ipomoea batatas L) as filler on the sensory characteristic of chicken sausage. The materials used in this study were fresh chicken breast, purple sweet potato meal. The Design of research used in this study was Completely Randomized Design (RAL). The treatment of research were R1: adding purple sweet potato meal 10 g; R2: adding purple sweet potato meal 20 g; R3: adding purple sweet potato meal 30 g dan R4: adding purple sweet potato meal 40 g. The treatment were tested with sensoric test by 40 panelists. The variables measured in this study were color, aroma, texture, tenderness, taste. The data were analyzed using analysis of variance and then if there was a significant difference of treatment average, it will be continued with Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT). The results of this study showed that the addition of purple sweet potatoes to the treatment of R1, R2, R3 and R4 had a very significantly effect (P <0.01) on the color, aroma, texture, tenderness and taste of the sausage. It could be concluded that the addition of 40 gr of purple sweet potato meal in chicken sausage making provides good sensory properties.

Keywords: sausage, purple sweet potato flour, sensory properties.


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