Peran penyuluh dalam meningkatkan adopsi inovasi teknologi pakan ternak sapi di Kecamatan Totikum Kabupaten Banggai Kepulauan

A I. Z Radjab, J Lainawa, G D Lenzun


THE ROLE OF COUNSELING IN INSCREASING ADOPTION INOVATION OF  FEED TECHNOLOGY ON BEEF CATTLE IN DISTRICT OF TOTIKUM BANGGAI ISLANDS. The aim of this study was to determine the role of guidance in introducing innovations in the use of feed technology in increasing the cattle population.The respondents in this qualitative study were determined by means of "targeted sampling", with 22 breeders being selected as respondents, based on the criteria of having more than 3 cattle with experience over 3 years. The results showed that the advice given to respondents did not relate to specific feed technology material, although farmers really need this knowledge for the development of livestock businesses. In addition, the perception of farmers is that due to their formal educational background, the existing cultivation workers  fall under the competence of animal husbandry experts and were not in the animal husbandry field. In general, cattle farming in Totikum Subdistrict, Banggai Islands Regency was still aimed at meeting family food needs, not for commercial purposes, but when in an emergency situation farmers sell cattle through intermediaries in the village at a price that was not affordable for farmers. Therefore, it was concluded that the expansion activities carried out in Totikum District, Banggai Islands Regency played no role in the introduction of innovations in cattle feed technology.


role of expansion, introduction of innovations, feed technology, cattle.

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