Faktor faktor yang mempengaruhi pendapatan usaha ternak kambing di Kecamatan Pusomaen Kabupaten Minahasa Tenggara

C Posumah, E Wantasen, M A. V Manese, L S Kalangi


FACTORS INFLUENCING GOAT LIVESTOCK BUSINESS INCOME IN PUSOMAEN SUBDISTRICT  SOUTHEAST MINAHASA REGENCY This study aims to determine the income of goat livestock as well as factors that affect the income of goat farms in Pusomaen Subdistrict. This research was conducted in Pusomaen Subdistrict, Southeast Minahasa Regency with a research period of one month, from January – February 2020. This study uses survey method. Data collection using interview techniques on goat breeder respondents using questionnaires that have been prepared. The method of determining the location of farmer samples was by purposive sampling on six villages that currently has  biggest population of goat in this research site. Samples of breeders then were selected by total sampling sampling of all goat breeders in Pusomaen Subdistrict which amounts to 58 breeders. The average income gained by goat breeders   in Pusomaen sub-district was IDR 2,518,017.24/year by ownership of 5 cattles, with the average revenue from the sale of goats as much as IDR. 3,635,344.82/year, production costs incurred by farmers amounted to IDR. 1,117,327.58/year Factors that have very significant effect on the income of goat livestock business was the selling price and feed costs  whereas the number of livestock sold  had significant effect on farmers income from goat business


Income, goat breeders, production cost

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.35792/zot.41.1.2021.33211


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