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Jurnal Ilmiah PLATAX

Referring to the vision of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesian Republic, The achievement of good quality higher education and science and capability in science and technology and innovation to support nation’s competitiveness” (, Platax Scientific Journal, as one of the elements in the study program of Aquatic Resources Management, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, aims to implement the vision.

Thus, the vision of Platax Science Journal is to become one of the journals with global competitiveness in producing works through research in science and technology and innovation in fisheries and marine, especially in association with aquatic resources management individually done or in group and in the scope of coastal area management, conservation, ecotourisms, and bioecology of aquatic living resources.

Platax Science Journal, since 2012, has published research articles of academicians, teaching staffs, undergraduate, graduates, and post-graduate in fisheries and marine science from universities and other research institutions.

We suggest authors to see the guidelines and policies in our publication process.

Accredited since 2017

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Vol 8, No 2 (2020): EDISI JULI-DESEMBER 2020

Table of Contents


Fihri Bachmid, Joshian N.W. Schaduw, Calvyn F.A. Sondak, Unstain N. W. J. Rembet, Stephanus V. Mandagi, Deiske A. Sumilat, Alfret Luasunaung
Resya Ika Firmansyah, Rene Charles Kepel, Suria Darwisito, Rose O.S.E. Mantiri, Vivanda O.J. Modaso, Deiske A. Sumilat, Suzanne L. Undap
Manikmayang Annisaqois, Gustaf Mamangkey, Rose O.S.E. Mantiri, Markus T. Lasut, Farnis B. Boneka, Reiny Tumbol, Deiske Sumilat, Wolfgang Wägele
Bulfrit Berstian Rajagukguk, Nego E. Bataragoa, Inneke F. M. Rumengan, Wilmy E. Pelle, Suria Darwisito, Deiske A. Sumilat
Dhebby Purba, Veibe Warouw, Rizald Rompas, Deiske Sumilat, Reni Kreckhoff, Elvy Ginting
Meivyarni Wangka, Stenly Wullur, Esther Angkouw, Jane Mamuaja, Reiny Tumbol, Elvy Like Ginting
Kathrin Natania Ropa, Joice Rimper, Veibe Warouw, Frans Lumoindong, Agung Windarto, Adnan S. Wantasen, Medy Ompi
Biondi Tampanguma, Grevo S. Gerung, Veibe Warouw, Billy Th Wagey, Stenly Wulllur, Deiske A. Sumilat, Hens Onibala